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Cili celebrates at the Koupathlon! 💃

Our Cili celebrated his birthday yesterday! 💃 Happy Birthday! 🥳

Koupathlon let’s go!

For his birthday, Cili invited his friends to a team obstacle course competition called Koupatlon, held in Metlika. Already early in the morning (read 9:00 a.m.), he and Didi went to the Metlika swimming pool, where everything took place. First, they registered their team (Modre streleee), and then they went to the train station to pick up Tina. They watched some of the individual competitions that took place, and then Žiga came. They went swimming in the Kolpa river together, and then it was time to go back to the competition area. When it was their turn, we all did our best at the training ground, but luck was not in their favor, as the opponents were even better!

It was really great. They also promised themselves that they would apply again next year, and until then they would practice carefully and regularly on the ‘homemade’ training ground.


Dear Cili, thank you for being there! 🥹🫶🏼 We can’t wait for all the upcoming group parties, activities and dancing nights together! 🫶🏼💃🥂

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